Gelato + Dog Lovers Pawty

October 12, 2018

Let´s Pawty!

It is said that happiness is all about enjoying the simple things in life. Being with others who make you smile , doing things you love , listening to your heart and sharing something you enjoy with your loved ones.

Other times, happiness might also come from daily experiences: as smelling a freshly poured espresso or having a tasty gelato. Even -if you’re a dog lover- the rubbing of your dog’s snout passing all over your face after a working day can be an effective happiness’ recovery therapy. Well, let me tell you that last Friday we did a lot of that at our Gelato + Dog lovers Pawty, where our four-legged friends were the protagonists of the gelato banquet.

The Gelato + Dog lovers Pawty was a special event for gelato lovers from Notting Hill and its surroundings, but the truth is that anyone could assist. The experience was available for all ages you just needed to be a gelato lover. From 3.00 pm to 8:00 pm, we shared scoops of happiness with our neighbors that step by our Notting Hill store with their doggies, that also expressed their love for the handcrafted gelato.


@chunkyandbubbles enjoying the pawty!

Our gelato chef prepared that morning a special artisanal tasty gelato for the doggy guests. Then, during the pawty, our four-legged-friends were welcomed with a party hat and their respective tasty gelato cup of one the two vegan flavors options: Fior di Latte (Vanilla) and Banana sorbet –  they loved it!. The party ended up being almost like a Tinder meeting for dogs sharing a delicious gelato among each other.

Balloons, confetti, colourful hats… We happily decorated the Notting Hill store and try to set the most pleasant ambient for a feast. We had a great time were laughs, happy faces and mounds of our homemade delicious gelato filled the pawty. The idea was to share our culture, traditions, and passion with whoever loves this famous Italian dessert. There were from youngsters to adults accompanied by their babies and fluffy hairy relatives.


Yummy!!! @daphnethewondersossige

Were you at the Gelato + Dog lovers Pawty last Friday?

We really enjoy the experience we hope you did it as well. However, if you couldn’t assist don’t worry. We’re looking forward to keep doing this kind of initiatives and we will do the next one very soon…..we will keep you posted through our social media profiles (Instagram and Facebook) and our website.

Enjoy the video…

——————————————————————————————————————————————————–If you have any question, query, or if you simply want to know more about Unico Gelato & Caffé, we are looking forward to hearing from you through our social media profiles (Instagram and Facebook), drop us an email at, or visit our official website.  

See you soon 🙂


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