Gelato loves summer: discover our summery products!

June 21, 2019

Gelato loves summer: discover our summery products!


Gelato is good in all seasons, but – as you may imagine – in summer it’s way even better! Summer season is a fantastic period for us, who love experimenting and creating new flavors: raw materials exponentially increase – seasonal fruit is perfect for making gelato – and everybody is ready to try new and fresh flavors. Nothing makes our gelatomakers happier, they can’t wait to create new delicacies!


First of all, let us introduce you our flavor of the month. For June we chose Tropical Yoghurt, a mix of fresh and thirst-quenching summer flavors. Tropical Yoghurt is a combination of our delicious Frozen Yoghurt, completely natural, and mango puree, which gives it that #unico flavor: that’s what summer tastes like! Located in our Portobello store during the weekend are up to 20 different flavors of gelato. You will be spoilt for choice!



Continuing with the news here at Unico, we go with you at the discovery of the pastry proposal of the month: for June we chose the Hazelnuts Semifreddo, a creation of our own, made by our creative Pastry Chef Lorenzo. It’s a delicious but light dessert, perfect during those sultry heat days or just to end a summer dinner in the best way. Made with 100% Italian Hazelnuts, just like the most of our raw materials.


Milkshakes and iced coffees go back in the spotlight of Unico summer proposals: iced coffee, iced latte, iced cappuccino, and flavors for all desires. Ask and your wishes will be met! Since in our workshops we can’t stay still for a second, we decided to propose you some mixes of flavors that you already know: the sophisticated Chocoberry (dark chocolate 33% – strawberry 66%); the super fresh Tropical (mango 33% – strawberry 66%) and Cocoberry (raspberry 33% – coconut 66%), a space-time travel to an atoll of the Maldives.



We also made a summer version of our hot chocolate, which is iced, not to give up on a delicious (but fresh) touch even under the blazing sun. Even our homemade Pannacotta covered with raspberry jam is back in our stores.

As you can see, we love summer. Come and visit us in our stores, with us even summertime will be #unico!


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