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April 15, 2022

Gelato v Ice cream

Can you tell artisanal ice-creams from industrial ones?

It’s warm outside already and we only answer “gelato” to these beautiful days, but… Can you tell artisanal ice-creams from industrial ones?

But hey, do not confuse it with industrial ice-cream: it’s true that the two look and taste similar, but do you know what’s the difference between gelato and ice cream? Taking into account gelato is the Italian word for ice-cream, you would think so, but there are actually a few differences between the two, and we just cannot wait to tell you.

Both ice-cream and gelato are made with similar ingredients (a custard base that includes milk and sugar), but that’s about all they have in common. Each sweet treat has its own distinct history, ways of being produced, and unique qualities—from flavor to texture. We’ll break down the differences between gelato & ice-cream so you can get a better idea for which one to choose. If you ask us, you may already know the answer, which is – of course, a great cone of gelato, no need to say where to get it from, we are not biased!

What is gelato made of?

We’ve just mentioned that the two main ingredients are milk and cream, but the amount used in each one results in different desserts. So, what is gelato made of? And, as many people ask us, does gelato contain dairy? As it can be assumed, “ice cream”  (usually) contains more cream than milk, while gelato is made with a higher proportion of whole milk than cream. Another ingredient that distinguishes the two is eggs; ice cream includes egg yolks, while gelato is (most of the time) completely egg-free.

But the real difference lies in the process and how they are made, and ours are made from real Italian ice-cream recipes

Indeed, both desserts need to be churned in order to be made: ice-cream is churned at a higher speed, which basically results in more air incorporated. The overall result? Easy. Gelato turns out to be a real creamy and scoopable goodness, while ice-cream results to be less consistent and contains as much as 50% air – this is why it’s usually described as “fluffier” than gelato.

Temperature and storage tips

Shall we move on or have we already convinced you that gelato and ice-cream are synonymous in name only? Uh? Oh, okay, got you!

Then, once they’re both made, they are stored at different temperatures to make each one maintain the right consistency. Ice-cream is typically served frozen, around -20C°, whereas gelato is typically stored and served at a slightly warmer temperature, around -10/12C°, which doesn’t make it completely frozen (although the word in italian literally means “frozen”, funny, isn’t it?), making the texture softer and silkier than ice-cream.

The cherry on the cake is that gelato usually contains less cream and eggs and fewer fats as well! Tasty, creamy…it’s a literal piece of art! We bet you have already made your choice, and we stand with you!

Looking for a good place to start?

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