Love Brand & Co + Unico Gelato & Caffe

September 8, 2018

Elephants and Gelato.

The planet we live in right now is the only one we’ve got, and it’s not only ours. We share it with thousands and thousands of other living beings. As humans, we have the responsibility to protect them for generations to come, as many of them cannot do it by themselves.

We wanted to get involved somehow and give our little grain of sand. Recently we met an amazing swimwear brand Love Brand & Co , which its core value since their beginnings has been their love towards elephants. They support different kind of initiatives and organizations to protect our big fellows. Without any doubt we wanted to be part of this and what a better way to do so than by unifying efforts to drive awareness around it organizing events and bringing new ideas to the table.



This past Thursday 30th was our first collaboration of many to come. We had a special time at their store, celebrating life and the wonderful weather we have had this summer in London.

As authentic Italian Gelato lovers, for this event, we prepared a tasting of our two gourmet flavours; Cremino and Leonardo. Cremino is a delicious mix of Hazelnut infused with white chocolate Gelato while Leonardo is made from Peanut custard and toasted peanuts.

Our Master Gelato Maker studied the combination of what peanut and the rest of the ingredients would taste like and the consistency. The end result was this unique creaminess and rich in delightful taste, it was named after Leonardo; who created this masterpiece years ago; but we just introduced to the market.

Our stand was placed outside by the entrance, where the guests and everybody passing by had the opportunity to try them. The combination of these two flavours was a hit, people fell in love with it. Vegan guests were also there and got the chance to be delighted by the Mango sorbet and Vegan Dark Chocolate Gelato.



Drink Long Tail Mixer, and Aluna Coconut, attended as exclusive guests of the event, sharing their artisanal drinks alongside our Creamy Gelato.

Unquestionably, Gelato and Cocktail made the perfect combo to have a pleasant, funny and delicious evening.

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