Love Meets Gelato – St. Valentine at Unico

February 5, 2020

Great news for all you lovers with a sweet tooth: you can celebrate St. Valentine’s Day at Unico’s!

What is joy if it can’t be shared? Last spring we introduced to you the Nano gelato container: a take away pack designed for two people, perfect to share with your loved one, both at home watching Netflix and at the park during a sunny day.

For St. Valentine’s Day we had to take one more step for our gelato loving couples, and what’s more romantic than a sweet treat to share on the most romantic day of the year?

Long live love in all shape and form! Here at Unico we celebrate the love for gelato and high quality fresh ingredients every day. But, for St. Valentine’s, our pastry chef crafted new, unique products, devised for a very special protagonist, your love.

This 2020 for S. Valentine’s day we prepared two couples-sized proposals:

If you plan on staying home for S Valentine’s day, Unico will take care of the dessert! Our Valentine’s specials will be available in all our stores.


But wait a second! The romantic surprises aren’t over yet… We organized a super romantic 2-hour Gelato Making Experience at out Notting Hill store, the sweetest surprise for your special one, perfect for every gelato lover! What’s more romantic than cooking together?



It’s going to be a gelato making class unlike any other: the participants will make heart shaped cakes to celebrate the most romantic day of the year.
And there’s more…for St. Valentine’s day our Master Gelato Makers have decided to show you the secrets of a new, unique flavour! It’s a romantic, elegant and, apparently, aphrodisiac… Champagne and Strawberries gelato! By participating, you’ll get the chance to be the very first to craft it, because only lovers can understand the secrets of its recipe!

We have one, final surprise: as you will be busy making cakes and won’t be able to use your mobiles, we will take care of the photos!


We can’t wait to see you in our stores to celebrate together your most romantic S. Valentine’s Day ever!

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