Make your party #UNICO!

May 4, 2019


If you already hit our store in Notting Hill, you surely remember it: a wide space, super comfy and very very cool, our homegrown instagrammers love it! A gelato in full view of Pembridge road, and likes are guaranteed!

As we well know how much you love UNICO in Notting Hill, we decided to make you a gift, making available the whole place for parties and events. Our shop in Notting Hill is fast becoming a perfect venue: in the last few months we hosted events of all kinds (business meetings, birthday parties, workshops, baby showers, tasting and yoga lessons).

We love to make unique everything we touch! Our staff is able to recreate different types of atmosphere, depending on your needs, making the most of our wide space and a bit of creativity: this is why we decided to make it possible for you to customize the location, and make you feel “come a casa”.

You can customize your party with decorations and themed invitations, choose the entertainment and the music, require a photographer and a make up artist and, of course, ask our gelato maker to make the perfect cake!

The Notting Hill store is very welcoming, where every client leaves there a piece of heart: our chairs give you a time full of enjoyment and our desserts make the whole experience unforgettable. It’s the perfect location if you want to celebrate a special day or event, a business success with your colleagues or just to share the coming of a baby with your friends.



Rent sale: £150,00 up to 2 hours- £100,00 from the 3rd hour

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