Gelato Sticks – Recipe

September 15, 2018

For all the Gelato Lovers that like to experiment and try new things. How many ways of having a gelato do you know? Let´s prepare Gelato Sticks together.


“Gelato Sticks”

Servings: 2


What you need:

160 grams of your favourite Unico Gelato Flavor

2 cups of Chocolate Fondue

A Gelato mold for two

2 Popsicle Sticks


Salted Caramel sauce

Hazelnut Powder


What to do:

Scoop the Unico Gelato from the container to the Mold. Tap the mold to release air bubbles, then continue to fill until full. Remove the excess of Gelato and insert the popsicle sticks.

Freeze the mold until the gelato is completely firm, at least 4 hours.

Transfer the chocolate fondue to a large coffee mug or another similar container to dip the gelato sticks in.

Unmold the gelato sticks by dunking the mold quickly into warm water to loosen and pinching the mold from the bottom while gently pulling on the stick (so they don’t break in the middle). Rechill on a tray in the freezer for a minute if the gelato has become too soft.

Dip a gelato stick into the melted chocolate only once, to completely coat up to the stick, letting excess drip off. Place on a tray and put it into the freezer immediately to chill. Repeat the process for the other gelato stick.

Your Gelato sticks are ready, you can store them in the freezer for up to 1 month.

To serve, you can go fancy and add your favourite topping or toppings. We love the sticks made of Vanilla gelato covered with vegan dark chocolate, topped with salt caramel sauce and Hazelnut powder.


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