Tropical Yoghurt: summer has a #unico flavor!

June 6, 2019

Holidays are still far away, but as it gets hotter and hotter everybody feel the need to eat something light and fresh…We at UNICO want summer to arrive ASAP and that’s why we decided to create a new flavor, a fresh gelato that takes your taste buds on holiday. We were so excited when we tasted it that we decided to make it flavor of the month: June is Tropical Yoghurt!

June’s flavor is a reinterpretation of our legendary Frozen Yoghurt, a simple but tasty gelato, totally natural, perfect with cream and fruit flavors. Tropical Yoghurt combines our Frozen Yoghurt with a super fresh mango puree in a thirst-quenching mix! It will be available in our stores from 1st June!


The good news don’t stop here! May was a month of ideas, projects and arrangements: we closed a lot of collaborations with many London restaurants, Italians and not, that appreciate our way of being and working. As we already told you, we love making partnerships with realities which are similar to us, and London is the right place to create successful synergies.

Gelato goes well also with refined menus, giving a really nice touch to every cooking idea. Our expert gelato-makers constantly try new and surprising combinations and in May we tested a lot: in our Bromley workshop we created the gelato cacio e pepe seasoned with bacon flakes, the carbonara, the basil sorbet, and the very special ginger and clove. To us, testing is the key to originality. We’re open to culinary project development in partnership with restaurants: we would like to create tasting sessions that mix UNICO’s proposals with the partner restaurants’ ones, to propose new combinations made by our creative Master gelato-makers and their Head chefs.

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