Unico Gelato vs Regular Ice-Cream

August 20, 2018

Neither Cleopatra, Alejandro Magno or Achilles from Troy had the chance to taste the incredible flavour of Gelato.

Historians argue everything started in Italy and Egypt when snow was brought down and mixed with many different fruits. Then the Renaissance came, when gelato was officially presented to the Court of Catalina de Médici by famous architect/artist Bernardo Buontalenti. But enough about history.

We want to focus on the key differences between Gelato and Ice Cream because, for many, these two words are kind of the same.

We know that sugar can make us go crazy but unfortunately, too much of it is not very good for our health. For this and many other reasons, gelato is way better than ice cream.

It definitely contains less sugar, the texture is much softer and creamier than ice cream, making it richer in flavour for our healthy people. Gelato only contains 7% fat, half of what regular ice cream does so that you can be as fit as a Trojan warrior.

Every morning at Unico, the gelato chefs follow the traditional family recipe to prepare artisanal gelato in the laboratory. Being very picky, they only use the freshest raw ingredients and fruits we can get our hands into, probably even better than the Médici Family could ever have.

Gelato teleports us back in history, back to the Coliseum in Rome, the tower of Pisa, and most importantly to the incredible city of Bologna.

Just close your eyes while you have some Unico gelato and travel kilometres…


Infographic - Gelato vs Ice Cream


…Let us know how it goes.


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