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May 27, 2022

Unico on its way

Pick a series to watch, turn the lights off and wait for your gelato delivery to arrive

Nothing is more satisfying and relaxing than spending an evening lying down on the sofa, watching your favourite tv series, perhaps in the company of friends or your other half.

We pretty much checked all the boxes for the “perfect night,” yet, something is still missing. That insane craving for sweets that couldn’t be satisfied after dinner! And what is better than a fully artisanal giant gelato tub with selected flavours of your choice? 

How many times did you feel lost googling “buy Italian gelato online,” “gelato shop near me,” “ice cream delivery London” because of the endless ice cream shop results that have little to do with authentic Italian gelato?

Whether you’re craving pistachio, stracciatella, bacio, or fior di latte, Unico is here for you to add a little spark to your evening and ensure that all your cravings are fully satisfied.

No reason to panic, as if you don’t get to Unico, Unico will get to you! All you will have to do is pick your favourite flavours and order your tub that will be delivered to your doorstep. You can order gelato on our website, by phone, or through our Instagram profile @unicogelato_uk, through the “Order Food.” All you need to make sure of is to check our store nearest to you, select it and order your favourite gelato!  

The taste of Italy

If you have spent the last years wondering what bacio ice-cream is and have always wanted to master all the secrets behind our unique recipe, let us introduce you to his majesty, the king of all chocolate flavours. Bacio gelato is a passionate kiss between crunchy hazelnuts and creamy chocolate ice-cream, inspired by the breathtaking Umbrian territory, in central Italy. This enveloping flavour gets its name from a very popular chocolate candy, Bacio Perugina, that means, in fact, kiss and consists of gianduja and chopped hazelnut filling, all topped with a whole hazelnut and coated in dark chocolate. 

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