Vegan is Ok!

September 25, 2019

Ramen, soy burgers, poke bowls, beetroot chips, cauliflower mayonnaise, seitan and quinoa based products… You name it! There’s a vegan alternative for any type of food. Did you think that we’d let you miss out on vegan gelato? Of course not…

It’s true, vegan food has been a trend for a while now, but there’s more to it than fashion. It’s not simply about being on a diet or not either (sadly, a zero calories gelato has not been invented yet). What vegan food is all about is eating healthy and taking care of your own body, as well as of the environment (we’ve got your back, planet Earth!). Here at Unico we pay close attention to our ingredient’s quality – from the supply chain to their processing – because we know that your wellbeing starts from nutrition.

We are investing a lot on vegan food, and, as top quality gelato is our passion and Unico’s signature product, we decided to combine what we love for what is healthy and environmentally friendly! So, after the success of our vegan smoothies, we decided to try the Unico version of vegan gelato. During the spring, we worked hard with our master gelato maker and we came up with two new ideas: the vegan pistachio, in June, and the peach sorbet, flavour of the month this October!

The pistachio was a huge success! A lighter version that didn’t loose the creaminess of the original flavour. Some called it “The pistachio lovers’ Paradise”. Why? Because every vegan alternative can be just as good as its classic version. For our novelty, for example, the lack of milk gets compensated by using more fresh pistachios in the gelato! Thanks to this, to our delight, we found that the taste of the vegan version is more intense than the classic one. Don’t believe us? Come and try it at one of our stores! We know it won’t let you down.

In October westarted producing our newest peach sorbet. This is more than a fruit gelato, it’s fruit in the form of gelato! Peach flesh makes up for 72% of the ingredients in our recipe. We found a local supplier that grows excellent peaches, which generate an explosion of flavours to the palate. It might be a sorbet, but its texture is creamier than the ones of the other Unico sorbets. It was a great surprise even for us! Thanks to peach, our sorbet family is getting larger: strawberry, lemon, vegan chocolate, mango, raspberry, tangerine, vegan pistachio.

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