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Unico, an all-year round concept


Unico’s pastry methods are accurately selected by experienced pastry chefs, who ensure the highest bakery standards and craft for every product. Our selection includes the signature bolognese dessert tenerina cake, the classic Italian tiramisù, and a few international bestsellers, such as cheesecakes and cannoli.

And for those looking for an exclusive experience, we recommend combining our pastries with our authentic Italian gelato.


UNICO serves different types of coffee, each characterised by different fragrances and intensities to suit everyone’s taste:

  • 100% Coffea Arabica Blend, a sweet-tasting aromatic coffee;
  • 70% Coffea Arabica and 30% Coffea Robusta Blend, a refined taste with traces of fruit and chocolate powder;
  • 100% Decaffeinated Blend, a light and aromatic coffee obtained with the carbon dioxide decaffeination process.

In 2020, we created Roots, our own coffee blend. It combines the finest South-American Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, Columbia, Perù, and Guatemala and the hearty Indian Robusta coffee beans. The Roots coffee blend is full-bodied and slightly acidic – it has hints of prune, pan dulce, chocolate, and golden raisins.
It’s a small masterpiece, available at our stores for both consumption and purchase.

gelato art

Don’t limit yourself to the classic gelato ‘cone’ or ‘cup.’ Discover Unico’s artistic side. Choose between:

  • Warm brioche filled with gelato and topped with icing sugar.
  • Refreshing hand-spun gelato milkshakes.
  • Creamy gelato tubs to bring home.

gelato cakes

Produced daily with two, layered gelato flavours (or sorbets) and garnished on the top, gelato cakes are the perfect treat to surprise guests with a unique dessert that will let them experience a singular taste. Gelato cakes were born to fulfill our customers’ wishes, as they can choose flavors, sizes, and decoration.

Christmas specials

Do you still think that gelato is only a summer dessert? Customers at UNICO disagree and crave it even during Christmas time. Our mastermind, Leonardo, decided to combine our authentic gelato with the more traditional Christmas sweets, such as Panettone and Pandoro, to satisfy everyone’s wishes.

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