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February 11, 2023

A Hand-Crafted Gift for Valentine’s Day

From a child’s handmade card to an expensive work of art, and everything in between, a hand crafted gift for Valentine’s Day is the best choice, even more meaningful if it’s made or chosen with love and your Valentine’s own likes and dislikes in mind.

Custom-made gelato cakes

That means that our creamy gelato, made fresh daily in-house with only the finest ingredients we can source, makes the best Valentine’s gift. Surprise your Valentine with one of our heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cakes made with up to two of their favourite flavours. Chocolate sweet cake? Yes, please! We can even include a special message on top of your heart cake. What a wonderful way to say I Love You, Be Mine or simply Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gelato tubs to share

Our extra special gelato can also be bought in tubs with one, two, three or even four flavours, depending on the size. Folklore says that many of our ingredients and flavours have aphrodisiacal properties. No better time than Valentine’s Day to try to discover which ones. What a fun thing to test on lovers’ day!

Love and Gelato

A match made in Unico – and Netflix. We make every single gelato with love from our hearts to yours. Love and Gelato, the Netflix movie, is based on a young adult novel by Jenna Evan Welch. It was filmed in la bella Italia where the main character Lina falls in love with Rome, its people and, of course, genuine Italian gelato. It’s a fun Valentine’s Day date night movie. Snuggle in with your sweetheart, and share a tub of our creamy Italian gelato in your favourite flavours.

Buy our Italian gelato online

Our Valentine’s cakes, traditional Italian pastries and family gelato tubs are available for dessert delivery through our website or come into our shops – some of the best pastry shops in London! – where you will always get a warm Italian welcome with love and gelato.

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