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February 9, 2023

Make Me Time the Best Time

 – with a Unico Gelato family tub

The ultimate in self-care is making sure you are well rested with ample time to de-stress. That’s where our wonderful hand-crafted gelato comes in! Made with love, our Unico gelato is the perfect addition to movie night, alone or with friends, especially if you are watching our current favourite, the Love and Gelato movie on Netflix.

Love and Gelato = the perfect combo

Love and Gelato is a delightful film that combines two of our favourite things. Based on the novel of the same name, the Netflix movie Love and Gelato tells the story of Lina who makes a promise to her sick mother that she’ll spend the summer before college in Rome. There she falls in love with the city, the people and, of course, the Italian gelato.

What is Gelato?

Our high-quality gelato is made with the best wholesome ingredients, no preservatives or colouring needed. It has fewer calories than ice cream but because of its slow churn production process, it’s super creamy, creamier in fact than industrial ice cream which contains a lot of air. You can feel good about eating and serving your family our superior gelato.

You can’t be sad while eating gelato

It’s a well-known fact that gelato cheers people up because it is virtually impossible to be stressed out when you are eating its creamy, tasty goodness. So, get ready for downtime in front of the telly, comfy clothes on, makeup off, Love and Gelato on Netflix. Time alone or with friends and family is always better with gelato.

Where to buy the best gelato in London?

At Unico Gelato, of course! We serve the best Italian food, including pastries, coffee and the best gelato in London. Come into our shops and choose your favourite flavours for a family tub or a gelato cake. Or order your dessert delivery online through our website It’s super easy and so convenient.

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