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January 31, 2024

Gelato vs Ice Cream: Which are the Differences

Exploring the Differences between Gelato and Ice Cream

Sometimes, figuring out whether you’re enjoying a genuine Italian gelato or an ice cream can be a bit tricky.

Here are 5 simple tips to recognise the difference:

  1. Ingredients: Gelato has more milk than cream, resulting in lower fat content. On the other hand, ice cream contains more cream and butterfat, making it heavier.
  2. Air Incorporation: Gelato has less air incorporated, giving it a natural shape. Ice cream, however, has more air incorporated, resulting in a whipped shape.
  3. Colour: Gelato maintains a natural colour without the use of dyes, while ice cream often features artificial and vivid colours due to the inclusion of colourants.
  4. Serving Temperature: Gelato is served slightly warmer for a creamier texture, whereas ice cream is served colder, presenting a grainy texture.
  5. Flavour Intensity: Gelato has more intense flavours, whereas ice cream tends to have less intense ones.

Where to find the best Italian gelato in London

You can find the best Italian gelato in London at Unico, of course. 

We offer authentic handcrafted Italian gelato, freshly made every day without adding any preservatives or artificial flavours.

Step into our shops, and you’ll find a variety of 26 gelato flavours to choose from. We’re talking about Pistachio, Biscotto (that’s cookies and cream), Stracciatella (it’s a mix of vanilla and chocolate), and Salted Caramel – just to name a few. Check out more yummy options on our website.

Additionally, Unico cares about giving everyone the possibility to enjoy our gelato. For this reason, we developed our sorbet selection suitable for Vegans and Celiacs. Our sorbets such as Mango and Strawberry sorbets are free of dairy and gluten. Find out more about allergens on our website.

Visit one of our shops in Holland Park, St John’s Wood or Bromley and treat yourself to the finest Italian gelato experience in London.

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