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January 17, 2024

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift: Heart-Shaped Gelato Cake

Celebrate love in the sweetest way possible this Valentine’s Day with our customisable heart-shaped gelato cake – the perfect gift that combines romance, indulgence, and personalisation.

As the saying goes, “You should celebrate our person every day,” but Valentine’s Day gives us a special excuse to go the extra mile.

Picture this: a delicious gelato cake, lovingly shaped like a heart, expressing your deep emotions in a visually stunning and delightful form.

At Unico, we’ve made it easy for you to create a unique and thoughtful present.

You can now customise your heart-shaped gelato cake with all your person’s favorite flavours.

Plus, you can add a personal message on top to make it even more special.

How can I order it?

You can order Unico’s heart-shaped gelato cake by following those easy steps:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Choose the store where you want to pick up your cake
  3. Pick your favorite gelato flavours and toppings
  4. Write a special message to go on top.

It’s not just a dessert; it’s a symbol of your affection, beautifully crafted to reflect your loved one’s preferences.

Why is a heart-shaped gelato cake the best Valentine’s gift?

It’s more than just a treat; it’s a memorable experience. Indulge in the sweet pleasure of gelato, creating lasting memories and sharing a moment of joy with your significant other.

The versatility of this delightful creation means it seamlessly fits into various Valentine’s Day plans – whether you’re celebrating at home, enjoying a romantic dinner, or sharing the sweetness with friends. 

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