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November 23, 2022

Make Christmas 2023 Merry!

In Italy, as in the UK, Christmas is a time to gather friends and family together to feast, exchange gifts and celebrate the season. Every family wants to make Christmas 2023 merry with its own traditions, many of which centre around the dishes we serve and the treats we bake.

Italian Christmas Products

Truly, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas in Italy without Panettone, a buttery enriched sweet loaf studded with raisins, citrus and almonds. Its classic dome shape is instantly recognisable, and when Panettones start appearing on store and bakery shelves, we know that Christmas is coming soon. Originally from Milan, panettone is popular all over Italy and, in fact, the world.

Perhaps a little lesser known internationally but beloved by Italians is the Pandoro, a traditional Veronese sweet bread that is soft and light in texture, made with fine flour, sugar, butter, eggs and yeast. It’s baked in a tall fluted pan and is traditionally served sprinkled with vanilla sugar.

How to secure your Xmas Treat

Make your Christmas even more special the Italian way by ordering our freshly baked panettone or pandoro filled with our creamy hand-crafted gelato. As with all of our products, only the high-quality ingredients we can source are used to bake these two Christmas treats for you.

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