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June 17, 2022

This birthday will be… Unico!

Close your eyes and think about a birthday cake online reign, and now open them!

Another year has passed and all you can think about is how your birthday will drive you crazy for the umpteenth time, since you will surely have to strive to organise everything well in advance in order to have the greatest birthday party ever: London offers countless possibilities and this might make your task even harder.

You have just one thought in your mind: where is the best cake shop near me in London?

Don’t worry, be happy! We have some good news for you: this year your birthday can be…Unico! All you will have to do is think about the gelato cake of your dreams and design it on our website: we are just one phone-call away, ready to deliver the most delicious birthday cake, chocolate sweet cake and desserts, near your house.

If you are looking for a cool London pastry shop, you are in the right place: think about a fresh and colourful birthday cake to share with your family and friends or your beloved one in London, Unico is the cake shop near your place that you were waiting for.

Customise your birthday cake

Fancy a sweet chocolate cake? Make it unique! Thinking about how beautiful it would be to have a birthday cake shop near me? Here we are!

At Unico’s, you can customise your birthday cake order according to your own taste and we will take care of the delivery, even last-minute, across London.

Don’t know what flavour to pick? We also offer a daily selection of genuine gelato cakes, pastries, and desserts ready to be delivered to your home.

An authentic Italian pastry delivery service in London! As an artisanal gelato and bakery shop, Unico can help you make your dreams come true in a few minutes since we deliver everything you need for a party throughout London. 

And if it is not your birthday, surprise your dearest ones by offering them a birthday cake made out of  tasteful natural fruits and high-quality ingredients that they will never forget.

At Unico, we can also deliver special messages and wishes on our customised gelato cakes to cuddle your beloved ones with a unique handcrafted gift made with lots of love.

Let us be your cherry on top and order the perfect birthday cake online at Unico’s, one of the best pastry shops in London, just around the corner. 

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