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December 20, 2022

Gift ideas for Christmas 2023

Give your London 2023 Christmas an Italian vibe!

Christmas is just around the corner, Gelato Lovers, and if you need some Christmas gift ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Surprise your guests by bringing them the best Italian Panettone filled with creamy Gelato!

Christmas Holidays 2023 with Unico Panettone

Traditional Italian Panettone

We bring you the very best panettone, straight from Italy with the finest ingredients by our partner Fiasconaro.

You can now impress your family and friends with Fiasconaro’s hand-crafted Italian specialities. These wonderful desserts make the perfect Christmas gift and centrepiece of your Christmas feast.

They come in a variety of flavours to suit every palate:

Available in-store and online.

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