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December 20, 2022

Xmas Gift Ideas

Give your London 2022 Christmas an Italian vibe!

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the houses,

Family and friends were rejoicing  

O’er their Christmas Eve boxes.

Stuffed with mini panettone (and a cuddly stuffed bear)

Gift cards for gelato to last all next year

Chilly’s bottles and mugs, plus a Unico tote

Great sustainable products, a “Happy Christmas” note!

Christmas is just around the corner, gelato lovers, and if you need some Christmas gift ideas, we’ve got you covered! Check out our selection of secret Santa gifts and Christmas gifts for mum and dad. In fact, we have thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your Christmas list!

What to put in a Christmas Eve box?

Give durable gifts that will remind your friends and family how much you love them, all year round!

Our reusable shopping bags can be tucked in a pocket or handbag at the ready for when you are out shopping. Our high-quality reusable mugs and bottles from Chilly’s keep your cold things cold and hot things hot so they are great in every season.

Traditional Italian Panettone and Pandoro

We bring you the very best panettone and pandoro, straight from Italy and baked to exacting specifications with the finest ingredients by our partners this Christmas, Loison Pasticceri.

The mini panettone makes a great addition to your Christmas Eve box, a sweet little preview to the proper big panettone or pandoro you’ll enjoy on Christmas Day.

Treat your family and friends to Loison’s hand-crafted Italian specialties alone or impress them with a panettone or pandoro filled with our creamy Unico gelato. These wonderful desserts make the perfect Christmas gift and come in a variety of flavours to suit every palate.

Our gelato-filled panettone and pandoro will rightfully take their place as the impressive centrepiece of your Christmas feast. They can be customised with your favourite gelato flavours and ordered online through our website. Or stop in for a visit! You are always most welcome.

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