Gelato Making Experience

October 18, 2018

Be a Gelato Chef for a day…

Summer ☀️ is almost over, but it doesn’t mean that fun needs to go away too. If you are a gelato lover  looking to try new things and escape from your daily routine while having fun, then our Gelato Making Experience is for you.

We created these customisable activities to show anyone interested how original gelato is really prepared in Bologna. When we organize a workshop, the vibe is the best. No matter your age, you can easily have an amazing time getting your hands dirty and learning the whole process.  You just need to be a gelato lover.

Diving into the gelato culture… What’s all of this about?

Recently, we decided to open our laboratory’s door to the public for anyone to have the opportunity to learn and explore behind the scenes of how an authentic, artisanal gelato is handcrafted. How the ingredients and temperature; during the making process have an impact in the final result, to create a unique flavour and creamy texture.

In here, instructed by our friendly and passionate master chefs, you will learn everything about the ‘gelato bolognese’ culture, along with all the elements regarding this ancient tradition, that dates to 500 years ago.  

The special thing about having a handcrafted gelato is that even a single scoop is more than enough to stimulate your senses and emotions as soon as the cream touches your palate. It’s a delighting experience.


The people who visit our Gelato Making Experience not only finish the day with a creamy, refreshing, delicious banquet but also as a gelato connoisseur. They learn from the differences between gelato and the industrial ice cream, to even how to produce their own authentic pezzo cremoso di Bologna.

We care about you. So even if you are a vegan or have dietary restrictions, we’ll teach you the preparation of mouth-watering original vegan/coeliacs alternatives of gelato as well.

Remember: an artisanal gelato is a healthy yet delicious alternative that can sweeten any kind of celebration or social event that you are planning. A gelato is such a versatile piece of culinary art that you can share it with your friends and family at any special moment of your life.

After leaving our laboratory, you’ll be able to surprise your guests with your original handcrafted gelato on your next social event. They will feel as if they were eating a gelato on a warm summer day in the heart of Bologna.

Pistacchio, Tiramisú, Chocolate, Stracciatella, etc.  You’ll end up creating your own favourites combinations and flavours.

Who can try it?

You, your friends, family, anybody who wants to know more about the making process of the best artisanal gelato in town. All kind of age group is accepted in our gelato making experience, starting from kids all the way up to grown-ups.

We love customised sessions, you can schedule a special experience for your birthday or just for you and the people you want to hang out with.

What is included?

Duration time?

2 hours

How much does it cost?

£ 40 /person


Fulham, Notting Hill, Bromley Unico´s Stores

If you want to know more…

or make a reservation; contact us through our social media




But hurry up! These are the date available for the next few months:

Last but not least, we invite you to learn more about other in-store events that are available for you on our website. Just check out the original personalized events that we’ve done: from Gelato Birthday Experience to even Gelato + Dog Lover’s parties.

However, as a young, innovative, passionate and experienced family, we also love to spread the gelato experience through our neighborhoods, like what happened on the last International Smile Day. Visit us so you can be updated for our next out-store events.

See you at the next one 🙂


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