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May 6, 2022

Italian desserts turn into gelato scoop

How we create ice-cream from the great Italian classics

What if I told you one of the Seven Wonders of the World is just around the corner? 

Yes, your prayers have been answered: tiramisù has now become an unforgettable gelato scoop, made out of the best Italian coffee and pastry. 

At Unico’s you won’t only find the most exquisite Italian gelato, but the greatest Italian desserts and pastries of all times are now available on our gelato menu: tiramisù, cassata siciliana and stracciatella are just a few of the marvellous flavours to try on the list. 

Have you ever tasted a fragrant pastiera with real good Italian coffee while immersing your feet in the Bay of Naples? And what about a tasty cannoli or a sweet and colourful cassata, both generously stuffed with the most delicious ricotta cheese, under the brightening Sicilian sun? These dreams really do come true at Unico’s, where we have strived to create gelato scoops that perfectly reproduce the world famous Italian pastry cakes and desserts.

The taste of Italy

If you have spent the last years wondering what bacio ice-cream is and have always wanted to master all the secrets behind our unique recipe, let us introduce you to his majesty, the king of all chocolate flavours. Bacio gelato is a passionate kiss between crunchy hazelnuts and creamy chocolate ice-cream, inspired by the breathtaking Umbrian territory, in central Italy. This enveloping flavour gets its name from a very popular chocolate candy, Bacio Perugina, that means, in fact, kiss and consists of gianduja and chopped hazelnut filling, all topped with a whole hazelnut and coated in dark chocolate. 

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