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December 26, 2018

What makes us special?

When it comes to gelaterias, there is no place like Unico. But it’s not only our sensational gelatos, high-quality coffee and delicious pastries, cakes and paninis that make us stand out – we also feel passionate about Italian culture and sharing the best of Italy’s cuisine with the rest of the world. We are born and bread Bolognians and proud to bring a piece of Italy to London.


In Italy, we take hospitality seriously and love spending time with our family – and that includes the whole clan, from third cousins, uncles twice removed to friends. For us, that also includes our customers, which is why we have made Benvenuto a Casa (Welcome Home) our motto, meaning you’re part of our family. In our gelaterias, you can unwind from life in this busy city and just enjoy the moment, whether that’s on your own or with friends. In Italy our day is defined by coffee rituals – we like a cappuccino with breakfast, a caffè macchiato – or two – as an afternoon pick-me-up, and espresso after dinner, but these breaks are more about taking a moment to relax and enjoy a well-brewed cup, than caffeine. So, what’s your favourite #MioMomentoUnico?

It’s all about you

We want you to feel at home, so we cater for celiacs with our gluten-free range and are always happy to discuss allergens and other dietary requirements. Of course, we’re also always happy to accommodate you if you would like your focaccia with prosciutto, mortadella or salami or an extra portion of almond, soy or coconut milk for your tea – if it’s possible we’ll make it happen. We even create custom gelatos! Do you want to have your #MioMomentoUnico at home? No problem. You order, and we deliver.

Authentic Italian delicacies

Unico originated in Bologna, the world’s capital of frozen delights. We have a 60-year family history in the gelato business and only use authentic recipes, which we have tried and tested in our Bologna gelateria. All our food is prepared with exactly the same ingredients we would use in Italy. Our gelato and coffee machines are, of course, Italy’s finest, so you know you’re getting the real deal.

Fresh, organic food, you can trust

We only use the freshest, raw organic ingredients, because pure, natural ingredients make the most delicious and healthy gelato. All our food is produced in the morning on site, and even our gelatos are prepared by our thoroughly trained, artisanal gelato chefs every day. We will never use artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives.  


Our exceptional vegan options (from gelato to cakes, sandwiches and hot food)

Our ongoing research into natural products and our attention to our clients’ needs spurred us on to create an exclusive, unique vegan range that’s a culinary highlight in its own right. For example, our vegan dark chocolate gelato, raw vanilla cake and apricot croissant are popular with all our customers, not just vegans. And we wouldn’t dream of charging more for gluten-free or vegan options, because that’s just unfair.

A home from home

We have created a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, that’s perfect, whether you want to chill out on your own or have something to celebrate with friends or family. It’s also great for informal work meetings, parties and you can even learn how to make gelato during one of our gelato making experiences. With gelaterias in Notting Hill, Fulham, Saint John’s Wood, Bromley, (and…Milan!) you’re never far from your next #MioMomentoUnico.

We believe in family, friendship, and kindness. We stem from a strong family with close family ties, and the love that we have for one another extends to our customers. With our mix of tradition and innovation, we have something for everybody, no matter their allergies, nutrition concerns, or eccentric tastes, making sure that everyone who we welcome in our gelateria can feel at home and enjoy a delicious bowl of gelato.

Did you know? Four facts that make Unico even more unique

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