Gelato in exchange for a smile

November 1, 2018

¨The best things in life are free¨. Just as Sinatra said. And what about having a tasty Gelato in exchange for a Smile?


We just want to see you smiling

The first Friday of October, for the International Smile Day – we filled the streets of Notting Hill (yes, from pubs to public areas), with delicious pieces of cake, freshly baked cookies, artisan soft gelato and, more importantly, lots and lots of smiles.

Just by happily showing your teeth, or by wearing someone else’s smile, you could get that day a creamy, tasty stick of Bacio, Pistacchio, Cremino or a piece of a delicious Vegan Dark Chocolate & Strawberry Cake.

As a family, we wanted to share a scoop of happiness with our lovely neighbors and to spread one of our main core values on that exceptional day: the joy as a way of living and the power of the smile. And what best way to do it by celebrating with a piece of culinary art directly from our Italian lab.

Gelato in exchange for a Smile

Gelato in exchange for a Smile

A simple smile can impact our lives in so many ways, it equilibrates humour, helps our body to liberate endorphins that decrease stress and boosts pleasure and improves the digestion. It is the start of all our great moments and it is so powerful that can also bring joy to others. Amazingly, according to a Breaking Muscle research, all these benefits can also be found when having an artisan, creamy and tasty gelato… even more, when you discover a real GELATO EXPERIENCE.

As a young, and passionate Italian inspired family, we believe that the food goes far beyond the simple human need. Italian cuisine has influenced food culture around the world and is viewed as a form of art by many. For Italians, food isn’t just nourishment, it is life.

Visit us anytime you want and discover that, at Unico, we are always in a smiley day mood.

Learn more about our out-store and in-store events that are available for you on our website. Just check out our original personalized events, from dog gelato pawties to a private gelato birthday experience.

Enjoy the video…

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